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Thousands benefit from free operations at eye camp

Thousands benefit from free operations at eye camp

Published: November 2, 2011

10,915 operations were conducted at the 71st bi-annual eye camp. PHOTO: FILE


A total of 10,915 eye operations were conducted at the 71st bi-annual free eye camp in Darul Hikmat Darul Shafa Hospital at Darul Ehsan Samundri Road in October 2011.

The eye sight of 90 patients who were blind at birth was restored after successful operations in the last month. Doctors have said that the success ratio of eye operations remained 99.95 per cent.

“This is a world record. Everyone we have operated on has regained nearly complete vision. Most of the patients are now undergoing physiotherapy,” said the eye camps chairperson Gen R Khalid Latif Mughal.

Mughal said that “Over 27,046 patients were examined at the outdoor camp during October and thousands received treatment. We had over a dozen ophthalmologists on call. They prescribed glasses, contact lenses, glass eyes and surgeries,” he said. “All the operations were free of cost,” he added. Mughal told reporters that 395,215 eye operations had been conducted at 71 camps in October and over 1,038,334 patients had been examined at outdoor section. “Congenitally blind patients whose sight was restored are also being provided free physiotherapy which will help them with their recovery and adjusting to their surroundings,” he said.The month-long camp provided thousands with free medical care, free meals and counselling.

Organisers of the camp said that meals and medicines, accommodation and lenses were provided to deserving patients free of cost.

The organisers also distributed cash prizes and commendation certificate among the doctors and paramedical staff who rendered voluntary services during the eye camp.

The free eye camp was started in 1976 under the supervision of local leader Abu Anees Sufi Muhammad Barkat Ali Ludhianvi and has been held regularly, twice a year in March and October. Thousands who have been treated in the past month expressed their gratitude to the organisation.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 2nd, 2011

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