Thursday, November 18, 2010

Media workers not paid wages: PFUJ

Media workers not paid wages: PFUJ

Media workers not paid on Eid.

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) said in a press statement that it was unfortunate that when everyone across the country was observing Eidul Azha with great enthusiasm and zeal, a majority of media persons are still not paid their salaries for months together and their other legitimate rights were being violated.

It pointed out that the wages of media-related employees were not paid in outlets such as ARY, Royal, NewsOne, Vibz, Din, Waqt,Channel 5, Wash, Dharti, Rohi, Punjab, Din, Star Asia, City-42,DMD Digital, FM-103, Daily Din, Pakistan, Jinnah, Khabrain, The Post, Mukadama, Ausaf, Jinnah, Daily Aaj Kal, Daily Times, Daily Leader, Daily Khabrain, Daily Kainat, Daily Balochistan Times, Daily Tamir-e-Sindh, Daily Nousjj, Karachi, Daily Such, Karachi, Daily Nawai Sindh, Daily Dafah Karachi, Daily Larkana Times, Daily Dawate Amal, Daily Muslim, Peshawar, Daily Taraqi, Quetta, Daily Sadai Potohar, Daily Janbaz and Daily Sada-e- Pakistan,Bahawalpur.

“Most have not paid salaries to their workers for four to six months together,” the PFUJ added.

It pointed out that in Rohi TV, ARY, News-One, Royal TV, Business Plus TV, Punjab TV, City-42, Star Asia TV, Daily Aaj Kal, Daily Times, Daily Post, Daily Jinnah, Business Day, Daily Ausaf, Daily Nawa-i-Waqt, The National, The Post more than 850 employees have been sacked during the last 180 days on the pretext of a “financial crunch”.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 17th, 2010.

Reader Comments (5)

  • Media owners are making lots of money, FBR must nab them.

    Sara Perriard Nooryesterday
  • The government should suspend publishing and airing of such newspapers and TV channels that have not paid salaries to their employees for months.

    Owners of newspapers and TV channels are not the ones who are running their show; it is due to employees who are earning money for the newspaper and TV channels owners.

    Due to lack of vision in the government department, no undertaking was taken from the newspapers and TV channels owners that they will not default in paying salaries to their employees and to other people who are some how attached with the print and electronic media to earn their bread and butter.

    Syed A. Mateenyesterday
  • Actually they are not earning this much money as it is been said.

  • It is really shameful that the Media Groups gives people lesson on morality and ethics and the fact is that they themselves are biggest looters and plunderers.

  • Some leading Media Houses are not even paying Income Tax and those who are not paying even salaries must be removed for the Cable Network and penalized in a befitting way. some religious channels speak so much on morality and on government corruption including targeting certain politicians for their misconducts must be immediately removed from the screen but what to do, they get full protection from our Supreme Court, why, a very big question mark ????????????????

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