Friday, July 16, 2010

7th Wage Award implementation cases would be heard at Islamabad on 13th and 14th July by ITNE

7th Wage Award implementation cases would be heard at Islamabad on 13th and 14th July by ITNE

The Implementation Tribunal for Newspaper Employees (ITNE) has fixed about two dozen cases of various newspapers, magazines, weeklies etc of Quetta, Peshawar and Lahore for hearing at Islamabad on 13th and 14th July 2010 at Islamabad.

The cases has been filed by the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) for the implementation of the 7th Wage Board Award, through its Secretary General.

According to notice issued by the Registrar of the ITNE as many as 22 cases have been fixed for regular hearing.

The cases which would come up before the ITNE on 13th July , 2010 include Daily Al-Akhbar, Daily Ausf, Daily Shahadat, Daily Akhbar, Daily Hewad, Daily Khabroona, Daily Pakhtoona, Daily Ramzan, Daily Syaq, Daily Khabrain, Weekly Afra Tafri, Daily Ittehad, Daily Universal Recorder, Daily Talwar, Daily Patnit Daily Post International, Daily Kashmir Express, Daily Jurrat and Daily Asas.

Likewise, Daily Inqilab-e- Nau, Daily The Insaf, Daily The Nazim, Daily The Asir-e-Nau, Monthly The Parbat, Monthly Akhbar, Baluchistan, Monthly The Milli Istiqlal, Monthly The Zameer Pan, Monthly The Sisat, Monthly The Chung, Monthly More has fixed for hearing on 14th July.

The PFUJ asked all the employees and journalists working in the said newspapers, weeklies, monthlies and magazines to intimate about their dues, outstanding difference of amount of 7th Wage Board Awardviz-a-viz their salaries being given by the management since July I, 2010, so as formal claim of the amount of the each individually could be claimed and recovered in terms of the law and wage board award decisions.

The PFUJ also made it clear that the cases of their respective newspapers would be contested by the PFUJ itself without any remuneration and hassle to the employees but the employees have to provide information about their salaries, non issuance of the appointment letters, duties over and above laid down in the Wage Board Awards.

The newspaper employees especially the journalists have also to provide information about the nature of jobs they are are performing because on the basis of this, their grades and other benefits would be worked out.

It may be noted that the PFUJ moved over 1574 cases against all newspapers, weeklies, monthlies, news agencies, magazines and digests were lodged before the ITNE for securing the implementation of the 7th Wage Board. The media persons and newspaper employees would be intimated as and when the dates would be fixed for hearing before theITNE as per dates an d places of other cases.

Shamsul Islam
Secretary General
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Islamabad, Pakistan
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