Friday, July 16, 2010

PFUJ seek details from Newspapers employees for submitting claims of 7th Wage Board Award before the ITNE

PFUJ seek details from Newspapers employees for submitting claims of 7th Wage Board Award before the ITNE

The Implementation Tribunal for Newspaper Employees, Islamabad has formally admitted for regular hearing the cases of the newspapers, wheelies, etc listed below for regular hearing lodged by the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) for scouring the implementation of the 7th Wage Board Award along with arrears of the wages, fringe benefits
w.e.f. Ist July 200 to todate.
The cases which has been admitted for hearing and notices has been issued by the ITNE includes ;

Daily Aftab, Quetta, Daily Awam,. Quetta, Daily Baluchistan News, Quetta, Daily Baluchistan, Times (Eng), Quetta, Daily Inqilab, Quetta,Daily Jang, Quetta, Daily Mashriq, Quetta, Daily Sadaqat, Quetta, Daily Shafqat, Quetta, Daily Zamana, Quetta, Daily Aittemad, Quetta, Daily Meezan, Quetta, Daily Tameer-e-Baluchistan, Quetta, Daily Nawa-e-Watan, Quetta, Daily Independent, Quetta , Daily Lashkar, Quetta, Daily Dunia, Quetta , Daily Bakhabar, Quetta, Daily Intikhab, Quetta, Daily Kohistan International, Quetta, Daily Pakistan Observer, Islamabad, Daily Inqlalab-e-Nau, Quetta, Daily The Aasap, Quetta, Daily The Nazim, Quetta, Daily The Asir-e-Nau, Monthly The Purbat, Quetta, Monthly Akhbar Baluchistan, Quetta, Monthly The Milli Istaqlal, Quetta, Monthly Zameer Pan, Quetta, Monthly The Sisat, Quetta, Monthly The Chung,, Quetta, Monthly More, Lahore.

You are requested to circulate this notice among the members of your respective Union of Journalists. You are also requested to display this notice on the notice board of your Union, Office, newspapers centers, press clubs building and ask the employees if any one is interested to claim any outstanding amount in terms of the 7th Wage Board Award, immediately furnish following information as early as possible so as to peruse their claims for recovery ;

Name of the Employee;


Date of appointment;

Job descriptions,/ duties being performed;

Grade if allowed by the management ?

Salary /wages already received w.,e.f. 1-7-2000 to-date ?

difference of amount /salary/ wages/ fringe benefits already received viz viz 7th Wage Board Award ?

You are also requested to immediately furnish the above information / details so as to contest their cases before the ITNE

Shamsul Islam Naz
Secretary General
12-Nazimuddin Road, F-6/1
Islamabad, Pakistan
Phone Office +92(0)51 2870220-1
Facsimile +92(0)51 2870223
Cellular +92(0)300 8665523

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