Friday, July 16, 2010

PFUJ decided to observed black day on July 10 against PA's anti media resolution

PFUJ decided to observed black day on July 10 against PA's anti media resolution

Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists has taken strong exception to the resolution passed by the Punjab Assembly and termed it a calculated move to undermine the role of the media and to divert the attention public from real issues towards blaming media for ill ills.

The PFUJ decided to observe a country wide protest day on Saturday (10th July) to condemn the onslaught on the media by the members of the Punjab assembly with the blessing of the treasury benches who has miserably failed to deliver the public aspirations.

The PFUJ also asked its all the unions of journalists, press clubs, media organizations, journalists bodies to hold rallies, procession and demonstrations for condemning the Punjab assembly resolution and government of the Punjab for patronizing the anti media campaign and to deprive the people of “right of know” by such tactics.

The PFUJ regretted that a mere technical and academic issue of “Educational Qualification and Degrees” has been converted into row with media by the treasury benches of the Punjab assembly.

The PFUJ said that it is the duty of the media to highlight the ills in the society and the issue of the fake degrees is in fact being vigorously launched and pursued by the PML-N leadership. The entire controversy has been generated by PML-N MNA and Chairman National Assembly Standing Committee for Education Mr. Abid Sher Ali.

It is very strange that 56 people were killed and over 100 were wounded in a suicide attack in Mohmand Pashtun tribal region near the Afghan border, today, but the members of the Punjab assembly has not bother to condemn such a barbaric attack on people. We are in a war like situation, created by extremists and terrorists, the entire nation is paying heavy price of it, the national economy is at the brink of disaster, but at such critical juncture the Punjab assembly opted to push the media on wall instead of pondering for such highly important issues, the PFUJ observed.

The PFUJ said that the way the resolution was adopted and language used by the members of the Punjab assembly in their speeches clearly indicates that they do not have any respect for rule of law, free media, good governance and expose their intellectual capability by just fighting for their own vested interests.

The PFUJ urged all its affiliated bodies, media organizations, press clubs, civil society, intellectuals, human right activists as well as political workers to condemn the Punjab assembly resolution and observe complete black day by staging rallies, demonstrations, etc. on July 10 throughout in the country.

The PFUJ declared that it would continue its protest till the withdrawal of the biased, undemocratic, unethical, unconstitutional and arbitrary resolution adopted by the Punjab assembly.

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