Friday, December 31, 2010

PFUJ wants probe into torture, kidnapping and killing of Baluchistan media persons

PFUJ wants probe into torture, kidnapping and killing of Baluchistan media persons

Islamabad, Dec. 31:- The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) has expressed serious concern and dismay over the rampant incidences of kidnapping, torture, killing of media persons working in the most conflict stricken province (Baluchistan) and demanded immediate recovery of missing media persons and nabbing of the killers of journalists.

In a statement, issued here on Friday, the PFUJ regretted that despite ever increasing incidents of killing, kidnapping, torture and intimidating, the media persons working in all parts of Baluchistan no remedial measures have been adopted by the concerned agencies to ensure the protection their protection which is a constitutional as well as obligatory international protocol of the government.

The PFFUJ further contended that since 9/11 the working conditions of media practitioners in one of the main federating units of the country, Baluchistan, which is almost half present rest of the three provinces are worst with no safety, life insurance, training, remuneration with killing and kidnapping over and above.

The PFUJ further pointed out that about 200 media persons hailing from rural arrears Baluchistan staged a demonstration on Thursday in Quetta protesting against killing of two Baloch journalists and kidnapping of two others, expressed resentments and condemned the indifferent attitude of the federal and provincial government agencies in protecting the basic rights and lives of media persons.

The unprecedented demonstration of unity for the protection of journalists working in the country’s conflict-stricken province, itself speaks volumes of insecurity and miseries of the media persons prevailing in the Baluchistan, the PFUJ added.

Almost all the correspondents from all over Baluchistan participated in the demonstration which was led by Malik Saadullah Tareen and Mohammad Akram Bangulzai, two senior representatives of distirct correspondents. Senior representatives of the journalists’ community including Manzoor Rai Baloch and Riaz Mengal also participated in the protest.

The PFUJ endorsed the protesting journalists demand for immediate arrest of killers of Mohammad Khan Sasoli, former President of Khuzdar Press Club and Lala Hamaeed Hayatan, a journalist killed in Gwadar after being allegedly whisked away by security agency men.

The PFUJ condemned the kidnapping of Pasni-based journalist Siddiq Eido and Ilyas Nazar, the copy editor of a Balochi language magazine who were reportedly whisked away by unknown kidnappers in the last week. The PFUJ also demanded immediate action against all those involved in violence against the media practitioners of Baluchistan.

The PFUJ also appealed to the international human rights and media organizations to sent fact finding missions for asserting the plight of torture ridden media persons of Baluchistan and raise their voice for their safety, training, fair wages, conducive working conditions as well as assistance for providing life security gadgets.

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