Monday, February 24, 2014

Spillover War In Heaven: A Study of Revelation 12 Paperback by Wallace Henley (Author)

How the ‘War in Heaven’ impacts 

our lives, churches, families, schools, governments and businesses today! The dark powers of the Second Heaven battle the Third Heave

Spillover War In Heaven: A Study of Revelation 12 Paperback

by Wallace Henley (Author)n’s angelic warriors for the destiny of the First Heaven—where we live. The result: the ‘spillover’ of furious spiritual warfare in our world. Then comes the most powerful shout ever: ‘Tetelestai… It is finished!’ As you read this book, you will… • Be unable to put it down as you are fascinated chapter by chapter • Get a sweeping overview of God’s Cosmic Plan and The Book of Revelation • Comprehend how time works and opens fresh understanding of The Revelation • Discover the meaning of the three ‘Heavens’ • See clearly the driving forces behind current events • Receive stunning insight into the chaos of our times • Learn about the powerful forces at work in the unseen world • Understand how the ‘spillover’ from the War in Heaven impacts your life right now • Explore the fascinating link between visions of Daniel and those John recorded in The Revelation • Gain new hope as you gain vision of the wonderful victory ahead

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