Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bin Laden admits guilt in kidnapping of French journalist, treatens war crimes

Bin Laden admits guilt in kidnapping of French journalist, treatens war crimes

Osama Bin Laden, Anti-War March, Hyde Park Cor...Image by DG Jones via Flickr

A speaker claiming to be terrorism mastermind Osama bin Ladenwarned in an audiotape aired Friday that the release of two French journalists abducted by militants hinges on France's military role in Afghanistan.

"We repeat the same message to you," said the speaker in an audio tape played on the Al-Jazeera satellite news network. "The release of your prisoners from the hands of our brethren depends on the withdrawal of your soldiers from our countries."

The speaker, believed to be al Qaeda chief bin Laden, warns the French government that its alliance with the United States will prove costly.

"The dismissal of your President (Nicolas) Sarkozy to get out of Afghanistan is the result of his subservience to the United States and this (dismissal) is considered to be the green signal to kill your prisoners without delay," the speaker said.

He goes on to say that "we will not do that at the time that suits him (Sarkozy) and this position will cost you dearly on all fronts, in France and abroad."

France, however, said it would not deter from its Afghanistan strategy.

It is now time for the truthers to concoct a new conspiracy theory that somehow hold President Bush responsible for the kidnapping and what might happen to the victims.

Meanwhile, in the real world, bin Laden's associates are very likely to commit the war crime of killing a prisoner. All in all the prisoners would rather be in Gitmo.

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