Saturday, January 15, 2011

PFUJ to launch protest against doctors

PFUJ to launch protest against doctors for implicating media men in criminal case

PFUJ to launch protest against doctors for implicating media men in criminal case

PFUJ Secretariate
Media Release

ISLAMABAD, March 30: Expressing concern over registration of cases against 200 media-men in Gujranwala, the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) has warned that if cases registered on the complaint of doctors on serious criminal charges are not be withdrawn forthwith, the PFUJ would be constrained to give a call for a country-wide protest.
In a statement issued here on Tuesday, the PFUJ expressed concern over excesses of doctors against media persons of Gujranwala and subsequently implicating them in a criminal case for bogus charges of rioting, threatening of dire consequences, misbehaving, scuffling and other charges.
The PFUJ pointed out that on March 28 night, Sajjad Dar, a journalist of a TV channel, suffered from kidney pain and was rushed to the trauma centre of
District Headquarter (DHQ) Hospital Gujranwala by his colleagues.
At the center, even after an hour, none of the doctors or paramedical staff attended the journalist who was complaining of acute pain in his kidney and was virtually crying. Consequently, a colleague of Dar contacted the EDO Health Nisar Ahmad Cheema on phone and complained about the indifferent attitude of doctors.
In response thereof EDO health reportedly reprimanded the doctor on duty. However, the doctor on duty instead of providing medical aid to Sajjad Dar, flared up and called his fellow doctors and all of them thrashed the attendants and other colleagues present at the Trauma Center.
On receipt of this information, a large number of journalists turned up to the DHQ hospital where they were once again attacked by doctors, abused, threatened of dire consequences.
The journalists were peacefully demanding prompt treatment of their fellow colleague and action against indecent and unethical attitude of doctors on duty at the centre.
The entire staff of the hospital and other paramedical staff instead of addressing the complaint of media persons got themselves involved in a scuffle which resulted a direct clash.
The PFUJ regretted the whole incident and termed it sad and uncalled for, adding that being doctors, it was their duty to provide prompt medical aid to the patient who was in a serious pain but unfortunately doctors and their colleagues preferred indulging in fighting.
The PFUJ further pointed out that after the whole incident, the saner elements should have intervened in the whole episode but they also preferred to further aggravate the situation and over 200 media persons were implicated in a criminal case at Civil Line Police Station Gujranwala which has resulted in a wave of resentment among media persons in the whole country.
The PFUJ reminded that under the Pakistan Dental and Medical Association Code of Ethics, doctors are bound to behave descently and pleasantly with patients and their attendants and provide prompt medical assistance and treatment to the satisfaction of patients and their attendants. The act of the doctor to remain indifferent and not attending the patient quickly is a serious offence and tantamount to committing misconduct and should be taken notice of. The PFUJ regretted that PMA in this scenario instead of taking stock of the situation and trying to pacify the situation came up with a threatening call and an act which cannot be condoned but condemned, the PFUJ added. The PFUJ demanded immediate withdrawal of cases registered against media persons of Gujranwala and sought a high level inquiry into the incident to bring the culprits to justice.
The PFUJ warned that if immediate steps were not taken, the entire journalists’ community would be constrained to launch a country wide protest till the withdrawal of cases.
Shamsul Islam Naz
Secretary General
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