Thursday, October 7, 2010

PFUJ condemns killing of journalist in Iraq

PFUJ condemns killing of journalist in Iraq

ISLAMABAD, Oct 7 :- Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) has condemned the killing of an Iraqi cameraman who was killed in a car bombing near Baghdad, raising the toll to three journalists murdered in the war torn country in less than a month.

According to reports reaching to the PFUJ Secretariat Tahrir Kadhim Jawad, 27, was driving to the Iraqi capital when a bomb which was said to have attached to his vehicle exploded in the city of Garma in Anbar province.

PFUJ expressing serious concern over rampant killing incidents of media persons in Iraq added that many journalists in Iraq have lost their lives during performing their professional duties, which is unprecedented any where else in the world.

PFUJ observed that the Iraqi conflict has become death zones for media persons, while performing their professional duties since the Second World War.

PFUJ emphasized the need for holding fair investigation into killing of Jawad and to ensure security of all other journalists working in Iraq.

Shamsul Islam Naz
Secretary General
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