Tuesday, October 12, 2010

PFUJ urges PEMRA to implement Laws in letter and spirit

PFUJ urges PEMRA to implement Laws in letter and spirit

ISLAMABAD, Oct 12 :- Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) has urged the government to ensure in toto implementation of Pakistan Electronic Media Authority Agency laws pertaining to the Cable operators "Obligations" for running the electronic media.

Licenses of all those cable operators who are allegedly involved in abusing of "rights of disseminations of transmissions of the electronic media", arbitrarily as per their dissertations may immediately be cancelled.

PFUJ pointed that one of the leading electronic out-let GEO constantly lodging complaints that Cable Operators are disturbing GEO Channel's number by frequently changing its placement, thereby causing great difficulties to the viewers.

The GEO Management also claims "in the world over; those channels that are the most viewed are given better channel numbers according to their popularity. Everyone knows - and this can be confirmed by independent rating and survey companies and advertising agencies, that GEO channels are the most popular in the country", the GEO management asserted.

Sharply reacting over these complaints of the GEO, the PFUJ said that it is very unfortunate that despite clear cut directions of the Apex Court, the PEMRA has failed to act in accordance with the letter and spirit of the Supreme Court Order.

"It is the duty of the Executive to ensure implementation of the laws and decisions of the superior courts, and those involved in flouting of the SC orders be taken to tasks, the PFUJ asserted.

PFUJ also urge the government that if there is any impediment or legal flaw to check the highhandedness of the Cable Operators and their exploitation, under the existing PEMRA rules and regulations,the government should accordingly, take steps to over come the same for smooth operation of the electronic channels as per set principles of justice and fair play.

The PFUJ however, pointed out that it always stand with the GEO in its struggle for its legal rights and at the same time we expect form the GEO management that they will protect the rights of the fair wages as fixed in the 7th Wage Board Award, stop retrenchments, and ensure job and life security of the media persons in their channels.

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Secretary General
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