Sunday, October 3, 2010

PFUJ flays assaults on journalists: curbs on media in Kashmir

PFUJ flays assaults on journalists: curbs on media in Kashmir

ISLAMABAD, Oct 3:- The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), expressing its concern and dismay over continuous incidents of intimations, harassment, physical assaults on journalists and restrictions on the newspapers in Kashmir, has demanded of the international media and human rights organisations to take notice of the highhandedness of the Indian police and parliamentary troops in occupied Kashmir (Sri Nagar) against journalists.

According to reports reaching the PFUJ secretariat, Indian authorities have created impediments for distribution of newspapers for the last over three months.

The Indian authorities in fact have made it impossible for local newspapers to continue their publications, and incidents of seizure of newspapers and beating of media persons by Indian policemen and paramilitary troops in Sri Nagar have become order of the day.

In occupied Kashmir, the authorities have imposed curfew and restrictions in Srinagar and all major towns of the Kashmiri Valley to thwart a march towards Baramulla.

The PFUJ observed that “there is a pattern behind the harassment and beating of Kashmir media persons and assault on senior Journalists at Baramulla on Friday was part of a conspiracy hatched by the men in uniform to muzzle the Kashmir press, which had been discharging its duties in a difficult and hostile environment.

The PFUJ denounced the highhandedness of the of the puppet administration and its intelligence agencies against the media in the Kashmir valley, and declared that the PFUJ fully support their just cause of allowing the media to discharge their legitimate rights to keep people informed and work freely without any fear, ill-will or torture.

The PFUJ urged the international media and human rights organisations and civil society to raise their voice in support of the just demand of the media persons of occupied Kashmir and ensure conducive environment for resumption of the publications of newspapers and their distribution.

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Secretary General
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