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PFUJ seeks recovery of abducted French reporters

PFUJ seeks recovery of abducted French reporters
Monday, September 27, 2010
ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) on Sunday expressed concern over continuous detention of two French journalists who were abducted by the Taliban militants in Afghanistan late last year and demanded their immediate release.

The PFUJ expressed solidarity with the journalists and vowed that they are with them and fully support their cause for safety and honourbale release. The PFUJ urged all those forces that can play role for peaceful release and safety of the kidnapped French journalists to come forward at this critical juncture and contribute to the recovery of the media persons.

According to reports reaching the PFUJ Secretariat, the kidnapped journalists are alive and in good health. A spokesman for the journalists’ employer, French TV Channel FR3, said they were in good condition. “The two French journalists appear to be alive, in good health and being well treated,” said the source.

Suspected Taliban militants ambushed the reporters as they were being driven through the war-torn region between Sarobi and Tagab. Italian news agency Ansa quoted a spokesman for the local Afghan governor as saying the group had been taken to a remote Taliban stronghold.

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