Monday, February 14, 2011

IFJ records 94 journo fatalities in 2010

IFJ records 94 journo fatalities in 2010
Tuesday, 15 February 2011 07:09

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) reports that 94 media fatalities last year demonstrate the increasing risks facing journalists around the globe.

IFJ has published the full report of journalists and media staff killed during 2010. The report also includes three cases of journalists who lost their lives in accidents.

In a press release, the group writes:

"It is a poignant roll call of tragedy and loss recording the deaths of 2,271 colleagues since 1990, including 97 who died in 2010," said Aidan White, IFJ General Secretary in his introduction to the report." These figures illustrate how in an age when media are more powerful and when people have ever expanding access to different sources of information, journalists determined to tell the truth face increasing risks."

The IFJ report shows that Pakistan had the worst record in media safety with 16 dead, ahead of Mexico and Honduras which recorded ten killings each. There was a decrease in the number of killings compared to a total of 139 in 2009 but the report notes that high levels of violence remained the major threat to safety of media.

"Regional conflicts, drug wars and political unrest continue to create killing fields for journalists and people who work with them," said White. "This year 94 journalists and media staff killed were victims of targeted killings, bomb attacks and cross fire incidents."

The prevailing impunity for crimes against journalists in many regions is also highlighted in the report as another source of violence against media. Governments need to take attacks on the press seriously and take credible action in order to provide a deterrence against these crimes, says the report.

The report includes a detailed account of the IFJ International Safety Fund which provides assistance to journalists and their families who have been victims of violence or where forced into exile.

"This money, from the pockets and purses of colleagues, represents the best of solidarity in our movement," added White.

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The IFJ represents more than 600.000 members in 125 countries

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