Saturday, February 19, 2011

Journalists killings in Balochistan World Media Bodies urged to send fact finding mission


Journalists killings in Balochistan  World Media Bodies urged to send fact finding mission

Journalists killings in Balochistan World Media Bodies urged to send fact finding

ISLAMABAD, Feb 19: The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) has expressed concern and resentment over killing of yet another journalist of Balochistan Abdost Rind who was shot dead in mysterious circumstances.

Abdost Rind, (27) was one of the most active journalists in Turbat. He belonged to Tehsil Tump, and had started profession about seven years ago.

After performing his normal journalistic duties, he was coming to his house when unknown assailants who were on motorcycles intercepted him and shot at him and fled from scene. He died on the spot as he had received four bullet on various parts of his body. He was presently attached with Daily Eagle, an Urdu paper of Balochistan, but was occasionally paid.
He has left behind an elder brother and father and mother to mourn his death.
His family claims the deceased had no enmity with anyone and was killed owing to his professional duties.

Condemning the death of Abdost Rind, PFUJ Secretary General Shamsul Islam Naz said that the media persons were passing a tough life in Pakistan and it has already been declared one of the most dangerous countries of the world for journalists by all the leadining international organisations, including Committee for Protection of Journalists, Reporters without Border, International Federation of Journalists, yet no heed was paid by the Government as well as media owners organisations to protect media persons.

Despite ever increasing incidents of killing, kidnapping, torture and intimidations, the media persons working in all parts of Balochistan lacked safety and no remedial measures have been taken by the concerned agencies to ensure their protection which is a constitutional as well as obligatory international protocol of the government.

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan has gained an un-enviable reputation as one of the most dangerous countries in the world for media practitioners since 9/11 and killing of media persons has become order of the day.

“Authorities in Balochistan must act quickly to investigate Abdost Rind’s death, to send a message to those responsible that journalists killers will not go unpunished,” The PFUJ said.
“The disturbing frequency with which media personnel were attacked and killed in Balochistan for the past many years must end,” the PFUJ stressed.

According the IFJ’s 2010 report on journalists killed while conducting their work, Baluchistan was the most dangerous region of the most dangerous country in the world for journalists last year. Of 97 journalists killed worldwide last year, 15 died in Pakistan. Of that number, six deaths were reported in Baluchistan.

The PFUJ reiterated its demand to the human rights organisations, civil society, intellectuals, lawyers, political parties to support the call of the PFUJ for raising their voice to force the government agencies and media owners to take practical steps for safety of the life of the media persons who are working in very hostile and dangerous environment.

The PFUJ once again asked the international media organisations to send special missions to ascertain the miserable plight of the media practitioners of Pakistan and force the authorities for their safety.

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