Thursday, February 17, 2011

Journalists uncover an international sex slave operation

Journalists uncover an international sex slave


As fate would have it, PBS Frontline last night re-ran a news story on sex slaves that initially ran a few years ago. In this story a group of Canadian journalists travel to the Eastern European countries of Moldova, The Ukraine and also to Turkey.

At one point, one of the journalists goes undercover posing as someone interested in purchasing some girls. Watching this program with my wife, my heart sank. For it was, in fact, a woman who was offering to sell these young girls into sex slavery. And the “purchase” price was only $1,000. It was astounding to watch humans acting so evil and being so causal about it all.

A man goes undercover to rescue his wife from a life as a sex slave.

A few things came to my mind watching this program. First, I am proud that pro-life hero Rep. Chris Smith, R-NJ, has been such a leader on addressing the crime of international sex trafficking. And Smith last year co-authored a bill with Rep. Carolyn Mahoney, D-NY. Mahoney is a strident supporter of legal abortion, but Smith realized that this doesn’t prevent him from working together with Mahoney to tackle this evil.

As we were watching this program, my wife said to me: “Consider the plight of all these people, I feel ashamed for the little inconveniences that I complain about.” So true. A telling reminder of how blessed we are to live in this country. (Though, America tragically also has many sex slaves in our cities, too.)

And yes, another thing that immediately came to my mind: Do those who criticize Live Action also call these journalists ‘liars’? Do they really think that these journalists should not have done this story by assuming a false identity and going undercover?

I suppose someone might retort: “Aren’t pro-lifers held to a higher standard?” Yes, indeed. But that doesn’t mean that Live Action had lowered their standards. It means that unlike some reporters who focus only on trashy Hollywood gossip, these reporters who uncovered this international sex slave trade were doing the very best and noblest work in journalism. I used to be a reporter, but I simply can’t say I’ve never done anything this heroic. My sincerest gratitude goes out to these Canadian journalists for exposing this evil practice. And it is obvious that these journalists simply could not have discovered as many of the facts by simply requesting interviews from these pimps and sex traffickers. They needed to assume a false identity. And I’m glad they did.

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