Monday, February 14, 2011

PFUJ elections on March 27 at Islamabad

Pakistan Observer

PFUJ election schedule announced

Staff Reporter

Islamabad—Polls to elect 17 members of the Federal Executive Council of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) and for one post of president, two vice presidents, one Secretary General, two Assistant Secretaries General and one Treasurer would be held in Islamabad on March 27 in which delegates elected from all over Pakistan would cast their votes.

In an announcement made by the Secretary General of the PFUJ Shamsul Islam Naz here on Sunday, it was stated that in line with the decisions of the Federal Executive Council Meeting held on Jan 23, 2011, at Islamabad and in terms of Article VI (DELEGATES MEETING) of the constitution of the PFUJ, the following schedule has been drawn up. The entire election exercise and schedule would be conducted and processed by a four-member Election Committee headed by Nasir Zaidi, Chairman, (03455071054), while the members are Abid Hussain Abid (0345-5223457), Iqbal Jaffary,(0322-5129287), Salim Khilji, (0322-5197891), and Nisar Hussain (0333-4332692).

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