Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eid Greetings

Greetings to all on this Eid. May this Eid bring happiness and prosperity to all.

As a human being and Pakistani, I would like to appeal all Pakistanis not to forget the mistries of the flood victims. The best way to celebrate this Eid is to spare all resources at our command for help of the victims.

As a journalist and Pakistani I would like to appeal to all Pakistani’s not to forget that the media persons of Pakistan were working in very hazardous circumstances at meager wages or were not being paid salaries on time, and were subjected to atrocities by the media owners.

We should not forget that a number of media workers have been killed while on duty working for keeping the nation and the world informed of the latest happenings in the troubled areas of Pakistan.

Their children and families are living a life of abject poverty and are facing starvation. They need sympathies and attention of all of us.

Let us pray for the prosperity in Pakistan on this holy day.

Shamsul Islam Naz
Secretary General
12-Nazimuddin Road, F-6/1
Islamabad, Pakistan
Phone Office +92(0)51 2870220-1
Facsimile +92(0)51 2870223
Cellular +92(0)300 8665523

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