Tuesday, September 14, 2010

PFUJ condemns Misri Khan’s killing, arrest of culprits

PFUJ condemns Misri Khan’s killing, arrest of cu

Islamabad, Sep 14: - Condemning killing of Misri Khan, a senior journalist and President of Hangu Union of Journalist (HUJ) on Monday, the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) has demanded from the government to ensure arrest of the culprits without further delay.

PFUJ in statement issued here on Tuesday also demanded from the government of Khyber-Pukhtunkhwa to compensate the deceased family that includes a widow, six sons and five daughters.

PFUJ noted with deep concern over the apathy of the government in ensuring protection of life and property of the journalists, adding that this incident once again made it clear that the life of the media persons in the conflict areas is not safe and killing of them has become order of the day.

The killing incident happened right outside the Hangu Press Club in Hangu city when some unidentified armed men opened indiscriminate fire on Misri Khan Orakzai while he was entering his office.

Misri Khan (50), left behind nine children and a widow, was in the profession since 1994. He was known as a founder of Journalist in Hangu. He ran the famous Misri Khan News Agency in Hangu, the largest and one of the very few (and later, the only) news sources in the town.

In his journalistic career, spanning about two decades, Misri Khan remained loyal to his profession. On several occasions, he was persecuted by influential people whose corruption Khan exposed daringly, including some government officials.

According to the reports reaching to the PFUJ Secretariat he was presently attached with Daily Asuf, and also used to work for Daily Express and fee a number of other news agencies and newspapers. He was previously hit thrice but survived. His shop and house was also set fire previously.

He was was disliked by people whose treachery he exposed. His news agency in the main market area was also set on fire by unknown persons a number of times. After each attack, he started afresh. He called his profession ‘reformation through pen”. Misri Khan had recently received threats from militants as he had reported their activities in news sources.

His colleagues say that Misri Khan has been killed in a manner that dictates the murder of truth and straightforward journalism in the country. The legacy he left, however, will hopefully be maintained and strengthened by his juniors and fellow journalists all over the country.

The killing of Misri Khan news spread like a jungle fire. Procession were taken out against his killing in Hongo while the media persons in Peshawar - stage a demonstration led by President of Khyber Union of Journalists, Syed Bukhar Shah, and President of the Peshawar Press Club, Shamim Shahid.

They condemned the killing of Misri Khan in very strong words and vowed that the media could not be bow down by such attacks and they would continue to protect their duties and keep the inform the citizeners come what may.

Sharply reacting on this incident the PFUJ said that this incident once again proved that the working conditions in the troubled areas is very sensitive and danger while the concerned government agencies have completely failed to protect the life of the media persons and to ensure their safety.

The PFUJ said that the terrorist, Taliban and some other forces have launched an open war against the peaceful citizens in general and media persons in particular. Such elements are neither Muslims nor believes in religion their only and only native is dictate there own terms. It is high time that all the forces in Pakistan should be united against such crucial and barbaric forces to frustrate their evil designs.

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