Friday, September 17, 2010

Sexy Journalists: Detriment To Media

Sexy Journalists: Detriment To

By Jessica Rutledge in Sports,

Ines Sainz is TV Azteca’s self-proclaimed “hottest sports reporter in Mexico.”

But as Sainz proved this weekend, sex appeal does not empower professional women, conversely, Sainz was rendered powerless. Sainz was up against the alleged sexual harassment she claims were committed against her by New York Jets players this past Saturday. According to Associated Press articles, Ines Sainz was sent to interview the Jets’ quarterback, Mark Sanchez this past weekend. Sainz first alleged that several players purposely threw footballs in her direction as she watched from the sidelines.

Sainz also claimed that one player shouted to her, “I want to play with a Mexican,” and, “Eres muy guapa” – which translates as “You are very beautiful.”

According to a Fox Sports Online article, “I didn’t want any part of it,” Sainz said, “I heard the noise. I knew they were talking about me. I was just focusing on my job,” she said.

But that’s not all. According to reports published on Sports Fox Online, Sainz tweeted from the Jets’ locker room after the on-field harassment ended. “I am in the locker room of the Jets waiting for Mark Sanchez while trying not to look anywhere,” she tweeted. Sainz also posted that she was “dying of embarrassment,” and “had to cover her ears,” on Twitter.

In the aftermath of the harassment allegations against the New York Jets players, the NFL took immediate action to address the issue publicly with an investigation, apology and even a mandatory “educational session,” for players to be hosted by the Association of Sports Media. The Association for Women in Sports also became involved in this issue, which in my opinion, has been blown way out of proportion.

The current issue with the overly sexual sports reporter, Sainz, falls in line with our culture’s increasing obsession with body image, beauty and sexual power. Unfortunately for Sainz, who according to blog-posts on looks like “a mix of a super model and a porn star,” will never be taken seriously or respected by men or women as a professional.

The actions and persona of the “hottest reporter in Mexico” are a complete disgrace and disservice to female sports reporters and professionals alike.

Sainz may be proud of the way she presents herself, showing up to Monday night’s Jets game in a low-cut black mini dress with black stilettos after alleging sexual harassment.

“My body type might be the type that could stretch jeans a little,” said Sainz according to Fox Sports Online, while defending her risqué and unprofessional attire in the same breath.

As a female sports reporter, I would never show up to an interview scantily clad.

Professional clothing, codes of conduct and standards are what maintain the integrity of effective sports reporters. Sainz is not a fair representative of the brains, common sense and personal dignity that is upheld by the majority of female sports journalists, including myself

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