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Preamble: Whereas it is expedient to provide and formulate rules for the establishment of the Endowment Funds for the Welfare of the Journalists/Dependants in Distress.

Now, therefore, in pursuance of the constitution of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) the Federal Executive Council (FEC) in exercising of all powers enabling its in that behalf, the FEC make following rules for maintaining, up keeping and running the endowment funds for the welfare of Journalists/dependants.


1. These rules shall be called Endowment Funds for the Welfare of the Journalists/Dependants in Distress 2010;

2. It will apply to all the members of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, hereinafter shall be called (PFUJ).

3. Journalists means; as defined in the Constitution of the PFUJ.

4. “Fund” means: Endowment funds provided by the Government of Pakistan for the welfare of the Journalists.


Head Office; of the Board shall be located at Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), office situated at present House 12, Nazimuddin Road, F – 6/2, Islamabad, Pakistan.


1. To provide financial support and assistance to the families of the journalists in the event of their death;

2. To provide financial support and medical assistance to the families of the journalists in the event of their being rendered incapacitated, whether temporarily or permanently, to discharge their professional duties;

3. To provide financial support and medical assistance to journalists for treatment in the event of accident, illness or disease provided their employers do not extend medical cover;

4. To provide group insurance for journalists not already covered by group insurance;

5. To make such special grants for welfare to journalists and their families as are deemed appropriate by the Board;

6. Generally to work for the welfare of journalists and their families;

7. The objects set forth in any sub-clause of this clause shall not, except where the context so requires, be in any way limited or restricted by reference to the terms of any other sub-clauses or the objects therein specified and the power thereby conferred shall be deemed subsidiary to the objects mentioned in the sixth sub-clause of this clause.

8. To provide financial assistance in the wake of termination, dismissal, removal and retrenchment.


All journalists who are members of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) shall be entitled to benefit from this fund by submitting formal application to the Board:

Provided that, for reasons to be recorded in writing, the Board, may approve grant of assistance to journalists who are not members of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) and also to such members of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) as have not paid their annual subscription to their respective UJ’s.

(i) Financial assistance to the dependants of deceased journalists will be given in the following order of priority

(a) Widow;

(b) Unemployed son below the age of 21;

(c) Unmarried and unemployed daughter below the age of 21;

(d) Father;

(e) Mother;

Assistance will be given to only one person at a time.

(ii) Financial assistance to living journalists in distress will be given in the following order of priority­;

(a) Journalists who are unemployed due to ill health;

(b) Journalists who are unemployed due to overage;

(c) Journalists who are removed by the owner in illegal manner;

For the purpose of these rules the term "journalist" means a person whose whole time journalist and depends only journalism profession.

Financial assistance under these rules shall range from Rs.5,000/- per month to Rs.10,000/- per months as determined and approved by the Journalists Welfare Funds Board hereinafter shall be called as “Board”

A person whose income exceeds Rs. 6,00,000/- per annum will not be eligible for financial assistance under these rules. For computing the income for the purposes of these rules, the income received by any other member of the family will not be taken into consideration.

Financial assistance sanctioned is liable to be cancelled if it is found at any time that the sanction was given on mistaken grounds or that the financial condition of the beneficiary has improved or the financial assistance was obtained by fraud.

Financial assistance under this scheme will be paid out of the interest accrued on the endowment funds for Journalist Welfare Fund deposited in the schedule Bank/Invested in Saving Schemes, Treasury Savings Bank.

The fund will be managed by a members of the Board consisting of the following members:­


The Board shall maintain a register in which shall be entered the names and addresses of all journalists of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) making contribution to the Board funds as also particulars of the annual contributions made by them.


1. The members of the Board shall subject to law and these rules will control and management of the funds shall vest in the Board of endowment funds for the welfare of the journalists/dependants in distress hereinafter shall be called and referred as Board.

2. The Board shall consist of thirteen members or such numbers as may be determined by the Board: Provided that the first Board shall consist of seventeen members only till such time as a President, Secretary General of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) is elected after every two year, who by virtue of being the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) President, are one of the authors of this Board and permanent member, along-with other authors.

3. There shall be Chairman, a Co-coordinating Secretary, and a Secretary / Treasurer of Board.

4. The Board shall Comprise:

i. President, Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ)

ii. Secretary General, Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ)

iii. Treasure, Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ)

iv. President, Karachi Union of Journalist (KUJ)

v. President, Punjab Union of Journalists (PUJ)

vi. President, Khyber Union of Journalists (Khb.UJ)

vii. President Baluchistan Union of Journalists (BUJ)

viii. President, Rawalpindi-Islamabad Union of Journalists (RIUJ)

ix. President, Abbotabad Union of Journalists (AUJ)

x. President, Faisalabad Union of Journalists (FUJ)

xi. President, Bahawalpur Union of Journalists (B.Pur UJ)

xii. Two senior journalists, nominated by the FEC.

xiii. A representative of the human rights organizations, to be nominated by the PFUJ.

xiv. An advocate, to be nominated by the incoming Board.

xv. A prominent chartered accountant.

xvi. A nominee of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of Pakistan.

The term of the first Board shall expire after two years. The terms of the present Board shall be commence with effect from 1st June 2010.

(i) At the expiry of the two years, the members of the Board, other than the permanent members, shall retire, One month before such retirement, the Board shall nominate the members for the incoming board.

(ii) There shall be no bar against a retiring members being nominated in the Board.

5. The Board shall have the right to fill in any casual vacancy arising on the Board, provided that such vacancy shall be filled in from amongst the category of persons in which the vacancy arises and such Board shall hold office for the duration of the term of office of Board filling in such casual vacancy.

6. A member of the Board shall cease to be a member upon:

i. death;

ii. resignation;

iii. incapacity;

iv. absence from three consecutive meetings of the Board, without giving a valid reason in writing;

v. on expulsion by a resolution passed by the Board for any activity detrimental to the interests of the Trust, provided that a reasonable opportunity is given to the Board to explain his reasonable opportunity is given to the Board to explain his position before the resolution for expulsion is considered.

7. The Board may constitute and appoint committees for general or specific purposes or authorize the secretary / treasurer or any office or agent to enter into any agreement or execute and deliver any contract in the name and on behalf of the Board.

8. The Board shall have power and authority to appoint or engage and at their discretion remove, dismiss or suspend one or more managers, officers, secretaries, treasures, supervisors, cashiers, accountants, clerks, chowkidars, attendants, servants, and other officials or employees and persons in permanent, temporary or special service in connection with the work of the Board, Board Funds and Board Properties as they may from time think fit and to determine their powers and duties and fix their salaries in such instance and such amounts as the Board may think fit. The Board shall also have the power to found and maintain and other funds for any employees and make rules and regulations regarding the same.

9. The members of the Board shall not claim any remuneration for serving on the Board.

10. The Board shall lay down the management, personnel, budgetary and other policies of the Board and make rules for the conduct of the Board, the Committees and all other matters.


1. The seed money of the funds for the Board shall be the sum of Rs. 100 million (10 Crore) donated, paid and transferred in cash/check/draft by the Government of Pakistan, to board. No payment shall be made out of this seed capital.

2. The Board shall include the aforesaid seed capital of the Board and the funds in which the said some of Rs. 100 million and subsequent additions thereto as aforesaid have been invested or utilized or converted from time to time and also all accretions and additions thereto, and other contributions made by journalists and all other gifts, donations, grants, funds and other properties moveable, immoveable, that may be received by or transferred or assigned to the Board from time to time any member or any another person or institution, and shall include dividend income, rental, donations, bonuses and profits.

3. Only 50 percent profits, donations and receipts to the Board shall be paid out by way of assistance and the seed capital of the Board shall remain intact in all manners what so ever Board over and above from seed capital money of 100 million.


1. The Board shall have the power to receive and accept contributions, gifts, grants, aids, donations and benefactions of all nature and kind whatsoever; to hold plan, cause, establish, organize, conduct, hold or manage and functions or activities in the sphere of fund raising in order to fulfill the objects above mentioned.

2. All cheques, drafts, or other indebtedness in the name of the Board shall be signed or endorsed by the Chairman and Secretary / Treasurer, or by such officers, employee or employees, member or members of the Board as shall from time be determined by the Board.

3. the income and property of the Board, howsoever, derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Board and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly, by way of dividends, bonus or profit to the members of the Board or their relatives, provided that this sub-clause shall not be interpreted to deprive the journalist members of the Board or there families from entitlement to the relief / assistance for which this Board has been constituted and set up.

4. The money validly set apart or not utilized by the Board when it exceeds (which ever is less) would be invested in government securities or NIT Units under intimation to the Ministry of Information, Government of Pakistan.

5. No property of the Board shall be sold, mortgaged, alienated, transferred or encumbered in any way except when required to alter and improve its investment portfolio.

6. The Board shall have the power to invest its Fund or any part thereof in the purchase of such land, buildings, stocks, funds, shares and securities, as it may, in its absolute discretion, deem fit with power to alter, vary and transpose such investment from time to time: provided that no investment shall be made with private persons or individuals provided such intimation to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of Pakistan would be mandatory.

7. The sources of finance of the Board shall include:-

i. Contribution by the journalists in accordance with clause VIII below;

ii. Donations, and grants received by the Board;

iii. Contributions from other sources acceptable to the Board;

iv. Earnings of the Board which may arise due to holding and management of any fund raising functions or activities;

v. Earnings of the Board which arise on account of its working;

8. The Board shall have the power to make rules, regulations and bye- law to provide for matters not specifically or sufficiently provided herein.


1. The annual contribution by individual journalist shall be the payment of one day’s salary by each journalist or Rs.500/-, whichever is more.

2. The annual contribution shall be paid in the month of June every year or as may be determined by the Board.

3. Failure to pay the annual contribution shall result in disentitlement to the benefits of the Board: Provided that this sub-clause shall be subject to Clause III above.

4. The amount of annual contribution may be reviewed and determined from time to time by the Board.


1. The Secretary / Treasurer of the PFUJ shall be responsible for the management and administration of the affairs of the Board.

2. The Secretary / Treasurer shall work under the direction of the Board, and shall take such steps as are required for the efficient working of the Board.

3. The Secretary / Treasurer shall put up all policy matters to the Board.

4. The Secretary / Treasurer shall select and employ persons to work for the Board in accordance with the directions and guidelines laid down by the Board from time to time.


1. The Member of Board shall meet whenever requested by the Chairman or Secretary / Treasurer or by not less than one-third of its members after the others have received a minimum of seven days notice, or have waived the condition for notice, whether before or after the meeting. The Board shall meet at least once in a quarter to review, discuss and decide, through the standard procedure of majority votes, matters relating to the finances, management and operation of Board placed on the meeting agenda by the Chairman, Secretary / Treasurer or any member, to a relevant bye-law to be made by the Board in this regard.

2. Six members, of the Board, shall constitute the quorum for any business. In the absence of a quorum, the may be adjourned till such time as a quorum is obtained.

3. Decisions may be taken by a majority vote of the members of the Board present in person.

4. The Chairman shall preside over all meetings of the Board. In his absence, the board may elect one of its members to chair the meeting. The President of the meeting shall have a casting vote in case of equality of votes.

5. A resolution-in-writing signed by majority of members of the Board shall be valid and effective as passed at a duly called meeting of the Board.


1. The Secretary / Treasurer shall cause to be maintained complete records of all transactions, assets and liabilities in accordance with the requirements of the law. The accounting year shall be from 1st June to 30th June.


1. The accounts of the Board shall be audited every year by a chartered accountant or firm of chartered accountants.

2. The Board shall, in the last meeting of the year, appoint auditors of Board and fix their remuneration for the next financial year.

3. The first auditor / auditors shall be appointed and their remuneration fixed by the first Board Members.


The office-bearers, the members of the Board and its functionaries Board shall be indemnified by the Board against all losses, damages and expanses occasioned by any error of judgment or oversight on their part or an accident happening in the execution of their duties of office. The Board shall also indemnify them against all expenses necessarily incurred by in the defense of any action, suit, or proceeding in which any of them are made parties by reason of being or having been office-bearers, members of the Board.


The amendments proposed to a clause or clauses in their rules or any rules, regulation or bye-law shall first of all be consistent with the aims and objects of the members of Board. Provided no amendment shall be valid unless it is by a ¾ majority of the Board and has the prior approval the fee of PFUJ.


All funds of the Board not otherwise employed or invested shall be deposited from time to time to the credit of the Board in such scheduled bank or banks as the Board may designate.


In the event of the dissolution of this Board, its assts left after meeting its liabilities, if any, shall be transferred to some PFUJ funds within three months of such dissolution.

Drafted by :-

Shamsul Islam Naz
Secretary General
12-Nazimuddin Road, F-6/1
Islamabad, Pakistan
Phone Office +92(0)51 2870220-1
Facsimile +92(0)51 2870223
Cellular +92(0)300 8665523

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