Sunday, September 19, 2010

PFUJ flays attack on APNA TV man

PFUJ flays attack on APNA TV man

ISLAMABAD, Sept 19: The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ)has expressed concern over an armed attack on an APNA TV Correspondent in Jhelum, Amir Shabbir Kayani, by one Raja Ali Asghar, a close relative of PML(N) MNA and five others.

Condemning the incident, the PFUJ demanded immediate arrest of culprits.

According to reports reaching the PFUJ Secretariat, Amir Shabbir Kayani had reportedly prepared a documentary about the sale of drugs in various localities ofJhelum under the alleged patronage of influentials of the area.

After completing the task of the documentary, Amir Shabbir had just reached his office at Mohammadi Chowk where his younger brother Faisal Kayani was also present.

In the meantime, five armed persons allegedly led by Raja Ali Asghar stormed into the office of APNA TV, on Saturday.

They attacked without any provocation and mercilessly started beating Amir Shabbir and his younger brother Faisal Kayani. Both were severely tortured. Amir who received seven head injuries and was bleeding profusely was later shifted to hospital with his brother.

The attackers asked them to hand over the documentary, and on refusal, they reportedly beat them up.

The attackers also damaged furniture and other vital equipment as well as a camera, and managed to escape from the scene, leaving Amir and his brother in a critical condition.

According to local media persons, the ring leader of the attackers who allegedly patronized sale of drugs in the area, is a close relative of PML MNAs Raja Asad Khan and Raja Safdar Khan, who openly supprteted alleged nasty activities of Raja Ali Asghar.

Condemning the attack, the PFUJ called upon the local authorities as well as the Punjab Chief Minister to book the accused involved in this incident.

The PFUJ urged all political parties and civil society to honour the established cannons of fair-play, freedom of expression and right to know and tolerance.

Shamsul Islam Naz
Secretary General
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